20 Minutes = 4 Hours at the gym

EMS Training

EMS training Melbourne

20 Pulses offers personalised 20-minute workout programs geared towards desirable benefits. Book a session now!

EMS Training

In Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS training), a machine is used to send impulses that contract muscles and mimic the natural electrical signals sent from the brain to stimulate movement.

It is highly effective and can help build muscles faster than conventional training. Even better, 20 minutes of EMS training is equal to 4 hours of hard work at the gym! 

Not only does it save you time, but 1 to 2 sessions per week is enough to see optimum results!

With EMS training, you can now smash even the most ambitious goals! 

Exercise your mind and body


Personal and Functional Training

During your EMS session, your personal trainer will configure a wide range of training parameters to suit your individual needs.

Safety and efficiency have consistently been at the core of our promise. Hence, our equipment comes from the leading German premium manufacturer- Miha Bodytec.

Tired of your monotonous workout with no visible results? EMS is a functional training able to stimulate every muscle group, including the pectoral, abdominal, lower/upper back, glutes, etc. simultaneously.  

Book your sessions now! The training is suitable for both men and women of 18 to 90 years old and all fitness levels, including post-pregnancy.  

Turn Fat into FIT!


EMS workout Melbourne
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