20 Minutes = 4 Hours at the gym


What FitQuest Measures

1 |  Fitness Assessment

FitQuest measures human performance over eight parameters:

  • Upper body strength 
  • Upper body endurance
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Lower body strength
  • Lower body endurance
  • Speed ability
  • Explosive power
  • Balance 

The overall assessment takes only 4 minutes. Once the tasks have been completed, the results are displayed on the screen immediately.


2 |  Body Composition Analysis

FitQuest BIA (body composition)

FitQuest uses standard bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) and bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy (BIS) techniques to determine body composition.

BIA is a technique that estimates body composition by injecting a very small electric current into the body and measuring how it travels through the body, with BIS using multiple frequencies to further refine the results.


An important fitness factor that is often ignored in training, is improving motor sensory control.

Good motor sensory control not only helps avoid injuries and maintain our independence as we age, but it also helps us perform better at sport.

FitQuest measures this using a 15 second single leg balance on each leg.

Press Ups

How many press ups can you perform in 15 seconds?

FitQuest also measures how long it takes the user to make each complete press up. This allows us to track how much the user slows down over the test period, so we can then calculate the user’s fatigue rate


FitQuest can help members to measure how effectively they are increasing their lower body strength through the JUMP test.

Perform two countermovement jumps with your hands on your hips from the force plate.


Most sports require some degree of speed ability. Speed ability helps all games players to move into position or get away from opponents quickly.

Run on the spot as fast as possible for 30 seconds.

This enables us to measure how many steps have been made as well as the time between each step, enabling a measure of your fatigue level.

Heart Rate Recovery

One of the most popular methods of measuring cardiovascular fitness is by measuring how quickly the human heart recovers after performing hard physical exercise.

HRR is calculated by measuring the heart rate immediately after the step test and then again 60 seconds later. 


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