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The friendly trainers at 20Pulses are all experienced with working with a range of clients from professional athletes to post-pregnancy mums trying to shake those stubborn extra pounds. They will do everything in their power to tailor your experience and achieve the results you want. Come and say hello at any of our 3 locations in Melbourne, Prahran and Brighton!

A full-body workout

During your EMS training session at 20Pulses, your personal trainer will configure a wide range of training parameters to suit your individual needs. An essential difference to other forms of exercise is that we activate ALL the muscle groups at the same time. This makes our workouts much more time-efficient than conventional strength training or gym sessions, which typically only work a few muscle groups at a time.

EMS training also has a quick and deep-acting tightening effect on all the core muscle groups. That means you can achieve the same strengthening of low-lying muscle fibres that we'd generally associate with Yoga or Pilates, without any of the time-consuming holding moves.

Changing lives, one body at a time!


Burning Fat

20 Pulses has found that metabolic rates are significantly increased during and for many hours after an EMS session. The higher your metabolism, the better your body burns fat and builds lean muscle!

For women, EMS training has been proven to reduce the size of common problem areas, such as around the waist, hips and thighs. At the same time, it will firm up the chest and arms.

For men, EMS training reduces waist size, while developing the arm, chest, back and leg muscles.Call us today to learn more about EMS and to book your next session!

The fastest way to get in shape!


 Personal training gym Melbourne

Work out on your terms!

Are you looking for convenient workout programs that guarantee rapid results? Look no further than 20 Pulses. Our tailored 20-minute programs give the same results as 4 hours of gym time. Call us now for more information!

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