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Tess Whitford

I started 20Pulses about 4 months ago and even with a month break over Christmas I've managed to lose 12.7kilos, with little to no lifestyle changes.

I could not be more grateful for 20Pulses, Alexis and the team. I can't wait to see what I can achieve in the next 4 months.


I travelled 16,520 kilometers from Geneva to Melbourne to test 20 Pulses recently launched in Melbourne by my French personal trainer Alexis Bernier.

The most intense, efficient, healthy, "feel good" 20 minutes of exercise ever experienced. Absolutely awesome.

Veena and Felia

At the end of the fourth session i noticed that i no longer have backpain that was bothering me for years as a result of epidural when i had my first born. No amount of physio sessions i went to could fix this backpain.

Without knowing the benefit of ems training i realised later on that now i have zero backpain (which I thought was impossible ) now.. how amazing it is that you loose weight and your waist shrink too.

Whitney Niccoli

@whitney.maree has had a history of lower back issues. For the past month she has been taken through a number of exercises with EMS training to engage her core & glutes which has strengthened her lower back and other muscle groups.

Tom Caw

7 years older and 22 kgs lighter between these two pics! I got caught up in the lifestyle that comes with my work and did nothing to balance it out.

Lucky I had a epiphany that spurred a big change for the positive in my life. I used to hate this picture but now it reminds me how far I've come.

The last few months I've had great results changing my vitamin program to just @vitadrop twice a day and training at @20pulses.

Dr. Carolina Gonzalez

I have been a practising Doctor of Chinese Medicine for 20 years. My own wellbeing is as important as the wellbeing of my clients. I exercise regularly, but tried EMS for the first time in June. Since then, I have observed my body gaining strength and tone in areas I have been unable to gain strength and tone with other exercise methods.

The targeted EMS training method is both effective and time efficient as it takes only 20 minutes, which works perfectly for me - a busy working mum with two teenagers, my spare time is precious to me and my family. I would certainly recommend EMS training and plan to continue my weekly sessions ongoing.

Next Practice Prahran Medical Centre recommends regular exercise and strength training. Next Practice Prahran Medical Centre recommends 20pulses for its low impact strength conditioning making it excellent for those looking to stay fit even when recovering from injury.

Further, 20pulses provides specialist personal trainers to guide you through every movement making it safe and fun!

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